REISECKERS REISEN - An Austrian Roadmovie

The in Upper-Austria born documentary filmer Michael Reisecker befalls to the sound of "Sportfreunde Stiller" to a journey criss-cross through Austria. With cameraglasses on the nose and an audiorecorder in the pocket he meets people directly and open minded and worms out their stories of life: strange, normal, funny, sad or bizarre. Because of the cameraglasses the viewer has the impression, not to be a viewer, but rather a part of this stories and journey.  

REISECKERS REISEN is an extraordinary mixture of documentary and roadmovie with a fresh contact to a country and its people...

Broadcast-premiere: ORF 2010  / Continued: ORF 2012:


Starting from 13.08.2012 - ORF2 Kulturmontag - 22:30 - 5 weeks, every monday